Dangerous Finds: Sandra Bullock & the Dog Shit Vigilante; Man eats wife’s nose; What else: TRUMP
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Remembering Jabberjaw, the kitschy coffee house and defiant music venue: Beloved LA indie music institution gets the coffee table book treatment with It All Dies Anyway: L.A., Jabberjaw, and the End of an Era from Rizzoli. (Los Angeles Times)

The War on Women Is Over—and Women Lost: While you weren’t watching, conservatives fundamentally rewrote abortion laws. (Mother Jones)

Inside John Lennon, Keith Moon And Alice Cooper’s Legendary Hollywood Drinking Club: What did it take to join the Hollywood Vampires, besides a death wish and an inexhaustible bar tab? (NME)

The GOP’s new Iran deal plan is cynical, dishonest, and politically brilliant: Republican lawmakers, having lost the battle to block the Iran nuclear deal in Congress, appear to be considering a new strategy: turn the deal into a never-ending political circus. (Vox)

Trump Brings His Breathtaking Cynicism to the Gathering of the Unhinged: He surely knows the assortment of loons and nutcases at Wednesday’s rally for what they are, but he toed the line all the same. (Esquire)

28 Republican Men Threaten Government Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood: They won’t vote to fund the federal government if the bill includes any money for the family planning provider. (Huffington Post)

The terrifying reason Donald Trump is winning: The infantilized conservative base wants rage, not ideas: Jeb thinks he can beat Trump by attacking his liberal past. He clearly doesn’t understand the nature of this beast. (Salon)

Sandra Bullock’s New Boyfriend Is A Dog Shit Vigilante:  Do not abandon doggie feces in front of Bryan Randall. If he sees you not picking some up, he’ll pick it up for you and then smear it all over your door. (Dlisted)

Implanted sponges soak up cancer cells: Better to stop cancer before it spreads. (Popular Science)

Stop Comparing Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders: A lot of people are linking the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump under headings like “populist” and “anti-establishment.” Most of these comparisons are too cute for their own good. (FiveThirtyEight)

Three children found dead in van across street from Los Angeles school: Three children were found dead on Wednesday in a van across the street from an elementary school in Los Angeles, and a man at the scene with stab wounds was taken to a hospital, police said. (CBS Los Angeles)

GOP House Speaker John Boehner will have a rare private one-on-one meeting with Pope Francis during his visit to the Capitol: Boehner, a devout Catholic, has been on a 20-year mission to bring a pope to address Congress. What will he do if the Pope tells him that he thinks Republicans are evil? (Politico)

Husband bites estranged wife’s nose off and eats it after she fails to return his calls: Enraged, her husband stormed into her work the following day and attacked her, biting off her nose and then swallowing it. (The Independent)

Thief Steals Andy Warhol Paintings And Replaces Them With Fakes: The problem is, the swap could have taken place at any time since the late 1980s. (CBS Los Angeles)

Mike Kelley’s “Little Friend” commercial:

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