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Doll Parts: Artist brings Barbie and Ken to life using strippers and porn stars
09:47 am
Doll Parts: Artist brings Barbie and Ken to life using strippers and porn stars

One of photographer Alex Sandwell Kliszynski’s creepy real life Ken dolls.
Back in 2008, UK photographer Alex Sandwell Kliszynski somehow came up with the idea to create a series of photos depicting strippers and porn stars as if they were old-fashioned Barbie and Ken dolls. And the results are pretty creepy, to say the very least.

I sadly don’t have much more information on Kliszynski other than these bizarre photoshopped images of his real dolls that are missing their nipples and genitalia. I did manage to track down an article published by Jezebel that cited a quote from Ben Barna, now the Senior Digital Editor over on Nylon, who wrote about Kliszynski’s IRL Barbie dolls during his time with BlackBook magazine:

“When I was younger, playing with Barbie dolls was a big faux-pas. No matter how fascinated I was by their boundlessly bendable legs; you just didn’t do it (even though I did it). Finally, artist Alex Sandwell Kliszynski has created a series of dolls I can play with.”

So on that note, is it still NSFW to look at a photo of man or woman in the nude that is devoid of their private party-parts? I’m here to tell you that, yes, yes it is. Very much so. Enjoy!











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09:47 am



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