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Drunk woman attacks roommate with knife for listening to the Eagles
02:25 pm

I’m not one to condone violence, but… I kinda get this.

A 54-year-old North Charleston woman named Vernett Bader has been accused of “wielding a knife in an assault on her roommate after he refused to stop listening to rock music by the Eagles on Monday night.”

The roommate told police Bader grew agitated with him while “he was listening to the Eagles and watching television with his brother.”

Bader expressed that she didn’t want to listen to the band. The roommate responded by telling her to shut up, the report states.

Bader grabbed a serrated knife from a kitchen drawer and swung the weapon at the man, police said.

When the two men wrestled the knife away from Bader, she went back into the kitchen and found another, the report states.

Bader admitted to stabbing her roommate, but says it was out of self-defense because he was choking her. She stabbed him with that steely knife but she just couldn’t kill the beast?

Bader is still in jail awaiting a bond hearing. 

Via Post and Courier and with thanks to Ron Kretsch!

Posted by Tara McGinley
02:25 pm



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