Eat the rich: A way to solve world hunger by recycling human fat through reverse liposuction

Britain’s The Klaxon Institute has developed a revolutionary technology that is one small but significant step toward solving world hunger.

As the name suggests, reverse liposuction, or the stretch-and-blow technique, is liposuction turned on its head. Developed by Dr Herod Richards at the Klaxon Institute on Harley St, London, it involves the removal of excess fatty tissue, as with ordinary liposuction procedures. The crucial difference is that this valuable resource is not wasted. Instead, the excess fat is stored and then introduced into the bodies of those with a shortage of fats. This could be for purely aesthetic reasons – but the Klaxon Institute has pledged to use it for humanitarian reasons. Fat from the west is flown out to some of the poorest people in the third world and donated to them. This allows people who would otherwise starve to build up a reserve of fat that they can live off for months at a time, removing the need for them to try to feed themselves.

Watch the video. But more importantly become involved by donating to the Klaxon Institute here.

Via Who Killed Bambi


Posted by Marc Campbell
01:38 am



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