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Fantastic Polish movie posters of well-known American films
01:07 pm
Fantastic Polish movie posters of well-known American films

Rosemary’s Baby by Andrzej Pągowski, 1968

I’m really digging these Polish movie posters of American films… especially the one for Rosemary’s Baby which is pictured above. I found a few of them perplexing, though. Like the one for Terms of Endearment. I get that it’s a mom and daughter talking on the phone, but I’m not sure it gets its message across all that clearly. And the Dirty Dancing poster. That one misses the dartboard entirely!

I’ve added the artists names and dates at the bottom of the images in case you gotta have one and want to locate it on eBay or site that sells Polish movie posters. One of these might make a nice holiday gift for that special film fanatic in your life.

Vertigo by Roman Cieślewicz, 1958

Alien by Jakub Erol, 1979

The Pink Panther by Jan Młodożeniec, 1963

Planet of the Apes by Eryk Lipiński, 1968

Fatal Attraction by Maciej Kałkus, 1987

Terms of Endearment by Andrzej Pągowski, 1983

Dirty Dancing by Mieczysław Wasilewski, 1987

Raiders of the Lost Ark by Mirosław Łakomski, 1981

Raiders of the Lost Ark by Jakub Erol, 1981

The Empire Strikes Back by Mirosław Łakomski, 1980

Star Wars by Jakub Erol, 1977

via Imgur and h/t WFMU

Posted by Tara McGinley
01:07 pm



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