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Faux indie rock music in commercials: Killing us softly with their song
12:52 pm

A song of mine was used in a car commercial. At first, I refused to sell the rights to it. I hate when rock music pimps for big corporations. The ad agency who wanted to use the song told me, in so many words, that they’d create a sound-a-like version if I didn’t relent and let them use the tune. I relented. I made money. It’s the only real money I’ve ever made from my music. Do I feel unclean? No.

Despite what’s said in the ‘Music House’ video, it’s not illegal for an ad agency to create a song that sounds exactly like someone else’s. A slight change in structure is all it takes, a change most people wouldn’t even notice.

The Wojahn brothers, composers of TV jingles/music for Taco Bell, AT&T and Home Depot, made this video and I give them credit for satirizing with merciless honesty the bullshit within their own industry. Hipster commercials make me gag.

Here’s an example of the faux indie band at its absolute skincrawling worst. They’re ripping off Moldy Peaches. The Band rockin’ out:

The commercial that introduced Nick Drake to most of the world. I suppose that’s not such a bad thing.

Thanks MFR

Posted by Marc Campbell
12:52 pm



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