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Foreskin restoration devices

Basic restoration kit.
The first cut is the deepest.

Want your foreskin back? Check out, a social networking site for men who wish to participate in a community devoted to foreskin restoration.

There are different methods of restoring your foreskin. One method is tugging. You can tug manually or you can use tape or a strap.

Tugging is not dangerous.  But, tuggers can often be their own worst enemy. I have heard of guys hurting themselves.  Usually, if there is an injury it is either because the person is tugging too hard (too much tension or tugging for too many hours at a time) or fell asleep while tugging and either slept through the pain or had a nocturnal erection. Fortunately, most injuries are only skin tears that will heal in a short time.  But, there is no reason to ever injure yourself. Just tug in moderation and avoid sleeping while tugging until you have the experience to do it properly, if you do it at all. If you tug properly and have normal skin, you will not get stretch marks! My first concern when I started was that I would get stretch marks. Never happened. In fact, it rarely happens to anyone. Stretch marks occur when there is too much tension for a long period of time. If you are tugging that hard, you will see other signs before you get to the point of having stretch marks. If you see your skin getting red, raw, or you are getting sore or feeling pain, STOP! You are tugging too hard.

Here’s a clip on tugging from three tugging experts, James Haughey, Roland Clark and Ron Low.

Posted by Marc Campbell
02:44 pm



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