Fox News bastard who got cold-clocked at labor protest tells his own idiotic side of the story

It’s quite easy to find pics of Steven Crowder looking like a knob

There was a memorable cover of the fabled British anarchist paper Class War in 1984 that had Ian MacGregor, the despised head of the UK’s National Coal Board (his BBC obituary mentions how he was at risk of people spitting on him when he stepped out of the house), photographed moments after being assaulted in the bitter, brutal, almost apocalyptic-seeming miner’s strike of 1984-85.

I lived in the UK then, it was the #1 news story for better than a year. You saw utterly unbelievable footage on the BBC every night that made it look like a civil war was imminent in Great Britain. (When I returned to the US, I looked up in The Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature how many major news articles appeared in print about the strike. As I recall, there were only TWO. A few years later I checked the database at the Museum of Television and Radio and saw that throughout all of 1984, just NBC News had mentioned it on television).

I can’t find the cover anywhere online, save for it’s what Class War’s Ian Bone, the heroic anarchist figure who was the paper’s spearhead, is pictured holding on the cover of his book, Bash the Rich: True Life Confessions of an Anarchist in the UK. The MacGregor cover read:


This cover came immediately to mind this morning when I watched the below clip from last night’s edition of The Sean Hannity Show on Fox News where witless rightwing Nathan Barley wannabe Steven Crowder admits that:

I want to make something very clear here, Sean. I never went out here to try and be assaulted, as leftists might say. I went out here to prove the left for who they truly are. Certainly, these union thugs. And I’ve achieved that.

What a remarkable achievement for this titan of civil rights activism! Some smarmy conservative media bottom-feeder who deserved a good thrashing very nearly gets one.

Aim slightly higher next time, Steven, won’t you?

“I literally believe, Sean, that if I had defended myself at all, even flicked a small little jab, that they would have killed me where I stood. I have never seen this kind of angry, vitriolic hatred… I expected these people to actually tear me limb from limb. I knew I couldn’t take that.”

If you want to sicken yourself, I mean really induce projectile vomiting, then have a look:

For another, very different take on this, prepared with help from an eyewitness:
Fox News Steven Crowder & Americans for Prosperity use Breitbart-style film editing to show “union thug brutality”

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