‘Frankenpussy’: The terrifying ‘Rogue Taxidermy’ of Sarina Brewer
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‘Frankenpussy’: The terrifying ‘Rogue Taxidermy’ of Sarina Brewer

‘Frankenpussy.’ A taxidermy art-piece by Sarina Brewer.
Before you get your ethically-sourced panties all clenched up in your ass cheeks, the animals that artist Sarina Brewer uses for her unorthodox taxidermy art all died of natural causes. Brewer utilizes animals that have been legally obtained from all kinds of sources. Some were roadkill, and some were donated to her personally. During college, Brewer worked with wildlife rescue groups and firmly believes that out of respect for the animals that have passed on to the great beyond, that “wasting” any part of the creatures she comes by would be disrespectful to Mother Nature.

Completely self-taught, Brewer has been creating wild taxidermy-art pieces for a quarter of a century. In the spirit of her perhaps more modern work, the artist has dubbed her genre “Rogue Taxidermy.” Brewer combines various anatomical parts from different animals, such as her “Turducken” for which she affixed the heads and necks of a turkey and chicken to the body of a duck creating a three-headed monstrosity that almost seems to still be very much alive. Fueled by surrealism, the Rogue Taxidermy movement was officially defined about twelve years ago, and artists in the field such as Brewer’s fellow RT’ers Scott Bibus & Robert Marbury use both conventional and non-conventional materials in their work such as glass or fake fur to enhance their stuffed subjects.

Below you’ll find a large number of Brewer’s “pets” such as a “Frankensquirrel” and something she calls a “Jabbercocky” that really do give a second life to the component animals they are comprised of. The images are NSFW and may get under your skin if you love cats and fluffy bunnies like I do. But that didn’t stop me from loving Brewer’s “Frankenpussy” taxidermy (pictured at the top of this post), that’s for sure.

‘Banana Monkey.’


‘Chasing Demons.’

‘Field Orthrus.’

‘Forever Yours.’


‘Golden Griffin.’

‘Mama Monkey.’




‘Frick n’ Frack.’



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