Frankenstein and his Bride get mind-melting makeovers

Frankenstein’s monster reimagined as Franken Berry (the General Mills cereal monster mascot) by Michael Burnett.
In 2011, 80 artists were invited to create their own version of Hollywood’s most famous monster of filmland—no, not Harvey Weinstein, but rather the creation of author Mary Shelley, James Whale and Boris Karloff, Frankenstein’s monster—for a charity art endeavor called the It’s Alive Project. For the show, the artists were simply required to utilize a bust of actor Boris Karloff in character as Frankenstein’s monster and do whatever they wanted. Over the next few years the It’s Alive Project would take on the monster’s better half, as famously portrayed by actress Elsa Lanchester in the 1935 film, Bride of Frankenstein. Updates to the monster’s made-to-order bride and her black and white look were quite imaginative—such as depicting Lanchester as a punk rocker with a dangerous looking blue mohawk or a sinister-looking version of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

The impressive life-sized busts were sold for equally impressive prices in various auctions—some going for several thousand dollars each. All proceeds from the sale of the various tricked-out monsters and his bride were donated to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which provides cost-free treatment to children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Some of the images that follow are slightly NSFW.

Frankenstein’s monster as Spock from ‘Star Trek.’

“The Bride of Oz” by John Allred.

“Punk Bride” by Barry S. Anderson. Other work by Anderson can be seen in the 1986 film ‘Day of the Dead,’ and 2001’s ‘Jeepers Creepers.’

“Frankies Big Adventure” by David Jordan.

“KISS” by Bill Shannon.

“What Lies Beneath” by Jonathan Fuller.

“Lady Odonata XXXVIII” by Thomas John Spanos.


“A Chilling Calamity” by Misty Cametti.

“From Within” by Michael Ogden.

“Robo-Bride” by Lilo Tauvao & Alterian Inc. You can see more of Tauvao’s work in the 2009 film ‘Zombieland,’ and 2012’s ‘Robot & Frank.’

Footage of actor Boris Karloff clowning around on set during a color test for the 1939 film ‘Son of Frankenstein.’ Later in the short clip, Karloff pretends to strangle legendary makeup artist Jack Pierce, the man behind Karloff’s famous Frankenstein’s monster makeup.

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