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From Russia with drugs: The twisted erotic surrealism of Dmitry Vorsin
02:27 pm
From Russia with drugs: The twisted erotic surrealism of Dmitry Vorsin

A creation of artist Dmitry Vorsin.
According to Australian art collective beinArt the Surrealist responsible for the provacative Dali-esque creations in this post is Russian artist Dmitry Vorsin—a 36-year-old based in Moscow.

Though Vorsin originally set his sights on studying ecology when he enrolled in college he decided instead to pursue art—a passion that began when he was a child. The self-taught Vorsin uses ink, pencils and watercolors to weave his distorted figures that contain elements and images inspired by Renaissance-era paintings. Vorsin’s work was included in a fantastic looking book put out by beinArt in 2011 Metamorphosis: Volume 2: 50 Contemporary Surreal, Fantastic and Visionary Artists along with other modern masters of the surreal such as Shawn Barber, Travis Louie, Paul Booth and Swiss surrealist, the late, great HR Giger.

If you are digging on Dmitry like I am, I highly recommend you keep up with the prolific artist over on his Facebook page. A selection of Dmitry Vorsin’s avant-garde creations follow. Many are delightfully NSFW.










‘Proprioception II,’ 2015.


‘Maybe we’ll order sushi? No, no. Sushi can kill us!’

‘Non-existent dress.’

‘Hypnos and Phantoasos,’ 2014.

‘The dropout-eyed character,’ 2013.

‘Homage a Dali.’

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02:27 pm



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