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Full Grant Morrison interview on ‘The Invisibles’ from ‘Disinfo Nation’ (2000)
03:49 pm

Someone has posted the original, longer version of the Disinfo Nation (as the show was called in the UK) episode with my Grant Morrison interview from 2000. This is quite a bit longer than what appeared on the DVD and has some extended clips from Grant’s epic speech at the DisinfoCon. If this is the first time—or one of them—where he told the story of his “alien abduction” experience, I’d imagine that he’s really sick of recounting this tale by now!

When the second series of the show was originally transmitted, I was as pleased as pleased could be that the legal department at Channel 4 let the segment fly without any comments where Grant describes Austin Osman Spare’s theory of sigil magick. To get something like that on network television was a real coup for higher revolutionary mutation, I’d like to think…

The interview was taped at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. We started on the balcony, but they made us go inside. Those are Andy Warhol print curtains behind Grant, btw.

There’s also a short segment about “The Picture” an amazing drawing/assemblage piece by artist Howard Hallis. Hallis didn’t finish the work until ten years later, when it was first exhibited at La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Angeles in 2011 as “The Picture of Everything.” It was already a masterpiece back in 2000, and now it’s 5x more detailed and elaborate. Part II is here.

Posted by Richard Metzger
03:49 pm



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