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Gay-hating Christian gun nut’s self-produced ‘reality’ tee-vee show

File under “Nauseating Shitheads” and “Insufferably Thick People”:

Have a look at gun-totin’, Bible-quotin’, homo-hatin’, and obviously over-compensating for sumpthin’ macho, macho man douchebag Doug Giles and his “kickass” Christian family’s low-brow version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians...

I’ll still take Sister Wives over this shite.

Here’s my family’s answer to the Jersey Shore and the Kardashian BS. “The Call of The Giles” shows families how to live a powerful and productive adventure laden life without whizzing on God and country.

TCOTG features columnist Doug Giles and his wife Mary Margaret, daughter Hannah Giles of the 2009 ACORN undercover sting videos and Regis Giles, NRA columnist and owner of Coming 2012 to a TV set near you. Hold on to your lug nuts. It’s time for an overhaul.

I mean, who would want to watch a reality TV show about completely vapid low IQ fuckwits, right?

This could be a world-wide megahit! How do I invest in this???

Via Christian Nightmares

Posted by Richard Metzger
05:42 pm



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