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Glenn Beck’s own employee makes his boss look like the megalomaniacal asshole he really is

When Glenn Beck started his online network, The Blaze, one of his stated intentions was to find the Jon Stewart of conservatives.

Predictably, any attempts to bring the funny to The Blaze have fallen way, way short, but finally, at long last, one of his talents—writer/comic/voice-over guy Brian Sack, host of BS of A—actually has produced something that is as funny as something you might see on The Daily Show—no really—but the problem is, it’s Glenn Beck’s megalomania and completely batshit bad craziness (not to mention the gullibility of his idiot fanbase) that provides the ripe target for Sack’s pointed satire.

Sack really sticks it to him.

To his credit, Beck must have found this funny, but at the same time, it really does mock him mercilessly and make him—and his biggest fans—look like a total asshole! There’s no pretense here, is there?

Color me confused, but highly amused.

Posted by Richard Metzger
05:29 pm



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