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Goth will never die: Double Echo’s ‘Black Morning’
12:14 pm

Calling all fans of mid-80s goth, here is some new music I am sure you will dig. And I’m talking about REAL goth here. You know, bands like Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephelim, and The Cure before they sold out (man). None of this namby pamby, nu skool, emo, witch haus stuff. Let me introduce you to Double Echo, who have just put out their first release, the three track Black Morning EP through Bandcamp.

Well, correction, there’s maybe a little bit of witch haus going on here. But not too much. One of the main influences on Double Echo is Dangerous Minds’ favorite John Maus, making this release a must-hear for those with a penchant for Maus’ drawly, slightly incoherent vocal mannerisms, or even those with open, interested ears.

Otherwise the music is as floaty and ephemeral as a wisp of smoke. Low slung baselines ride over spare drum machine beats, guitars and synths do battle to see who can conjure up the most melancholy air. You don’t need to see this band in order to imagine shoes getting stared at. But menacingly.

Info about Double Echo is almost non-existent, but from what I gather they are from Liverpool (and not the UK’s goth-capital Leeds, sadly.) However, one thing I can be certain of is that Double Echo cast no shadows and have no reflections. Whether they wear cowboy hats and trench coats, and bathe under showers of flour, is another matter.


You can download Double Echo’s Black Morning from Bandcamp.

Posted by Niall O'Conghaile
12:14 pm



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