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Gov. Scott Walker punk’d, shows his true colors

There is still a bit of a question lingering in some minds as to whether or not this is real, but to my mind, it absolutely has the ring of truth. If that’s not Gov. Scott Walker, it’s an acting genius portraying him. Sadly, this seems too real. The implications of this are staggering if it’s true!

And if it is true, then where do you go after something like this? I can think of a couple of solutions. A statewide recall election, where Walker is crushed and left on the scrapheap of history, becoming in the process, the dictionary definition of “traitor to humanity” or “cunt” for a generation; or perhaps Scott Walker’s head on a fucking pole? (Would Fox News broadcast that or pretend it didn’t happen?) How can this man feel good about what he’s doing? Listen in, you’ll want to puke by the end of this.


Posted by Richard Metzger
11:53 am



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