Hello Pussy! Hello Kitty/Playboy products are now a thing
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Hello Pussy! Hello Kitty/Playboy products are now a thing

Hello Kitty/Playboy
Of all the Venn diagrams in the world, I suspect I can forgo the one showing Hello Kitty/Playboy demographic overlap. I’m guessing it would consist mainly of creepy guys as well as cooler women who don’t give a damn what people think of them. I’m OK with the second group…...

French retailer Colette recently announced a new line of products mashing up two of the most recognizable (if oddly matched) brands on earth.

Here’s RocketNews24’s report:

French clothing and accessories retailer Colette is introducing a line of Hello Kitty x Playboy items, including candy, mirrors, memo notes, lighters, mugs, Leica cameras, iPhone cases, socks, bowties, boxers, shirts, and more. Naturally, the items sport one of two perfect logo mashups—Kitty wearing bunny ears, and the Playboy bunny with a bow on one ear.

The collaboration was celebrated last Friday at Paris’ Crazy Horse cabaret, with Hello Kitty designer Yuko Yamaguchi in attendance, who said the new design was “really sexy cool.” Also in attendance was Colette creative director and purchasing manager Sarah Andelman, who spear-headed the campaign.

Although the club typically includes a variety of topless acts, all of that night’s entertainment was PG. After all, it’s still Hello Kitty.

That the event was held at a strip club that had to be made “PG” for the evening might have been a warning sign that went unheeded.

Having said that, if you want to wear a $274 Hello Kitty/Playboy-branded bowtie, I’m not going to judge you for it. (Well, I probably will judge you for it, but here’s to hoping you have other fine qualities.) And actually, context is everything, if you’re a super cool hipster librarian lady, you really can buy and display any and all of these products, go for it!
Hello Kitty/Playboy speaker
Portable speaker, €40 ($54.94)
Hello Kitty/Playboy
iPhone case 5/5S, €25 ($34.34)
Hello Kitty/Playboy bowtie
Bowtie, €200 ($274.72)
Hello Kitty/Playboy lighter
Lighter, €5 ($6.87)
Hello Kitty/Playboy lollipops
Lollipops, €5 ($6.87)
Hello Kitty/Playboy temporary tattoo
Temporary tattoos, €6 ($8.24)
Hello Kitty/Playboy bonbons
Bonbons, €1 ($1.37)
Hello Kitty/Playboy coffee mug
Coffee mug, €12 ($16.48)
Hello Kitty/Playboy dice game
Dice game, €10 ($13.74)
Hello Kitty/Playboy multicolored ballpoint pens
Multicolored ballpoint pens, €4 ($5.49)
via RocketNews24

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