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Occupy Wall Street: How many NY Police does it take to arrest a young girl?

I looked at the above picture and wondered:

How many New York Police does it take to arrest a young girl?

Why are they arresting her?

Hasn’t she a right to the freedom of assembly?

How old is she?

Is it because she has a camera that she is such a threat?

When did the NYPD start to define “a threat” as a young girl with a camera?

When people are arrested for peaceful demonstration, then there is something wrong at the heart of America.

How would the US government have responded if this had happened in China?

Your Government is not your Government. Your Police are not your Police. Your Country is being slowly sold from under you.

When the interests of the Banks are put before the interests of the People then the Freedoms of that Country are under threat.

For information on Occupy Wall Street check here.



Posted by Paul Gallagher
08:14 am



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