I wanna be your DOLL: Plush toys of Iggy, Bowie, DEVO, Blondie, Lemmy, Bjork, Siouxsie and MORE!
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I wanna be your DOLL: Plush toys of Iggy, Bowie, DEVO, Blondie, Lemmy, Bjork, Siouxsie and MORE!

Iggy Pop plush toy
Plush Iggy Pop toy

The plush renditions you are about to see of some of the most influential cultural icons in history were created by Sao Paulo, Brazil based illustrator and toy designer, Josmar Madureira. His work was recently featured in a fantastic looking book, Toy Land by Louis Bou which boasts more than a half of a million examples of toy art from around the world created in various mediums such as vinyl, metal, fabric and of course, plush.
Ian Curtis of Joy Division plush toy
Ian Curtis
A a self-described addict of artifacts such as old cartoons, 60’s psychedelia and pop art among other cool pursuits, Madureira (who operates under the moniker “Katkiller”), has put out an extensive line of plush toys in the images of cultural movers and shakers such as Iggy Pop, Bjork (in her infamous “swan dress” that she wore to the Academy Awards in 2001 no less) and Ian Curtis of Joy Division, as well as artists and famous couture designers like Salvador Dali and Vivienne Westwood. There’s even a few cinematic characters thrown into Madureira’s massive mix of toys from the film A Clockwork Orange and everyone’s favorite taxi driver, Travis Bickle.
Debbie Harry of Blondie plush toy
Debbie Harry
Joey Ramone plush toy
Joey Ramone
I’ve included more than 30 images of Madureira posh plush collection for you to peruse. And, since I know you were wondering, you can buy the dolls for anywhere from $30-$35 or so dollars each over at Madureira online store. Squeee!
Ziggy Stardust plush toy
Ziggy Stardust
Amy Winehouse plush toy
Amy Winehouse
Coco Chanel plush toy
Coco Chanel
Travis Bickle (from Taxi Driver) plush toy
Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver
Lemmy Kilmister plush toy
Lemmy Kilmister
Bjork plush doll
Bjork in her “swan dress”
Devo plush toy
Sid Vicious plush toy
Sid Vicious
Alfred Hitchcock plush toy
Alfred Hitchcock
Freddie Mercury plush toy
Freddie Mercury
Vivienne Westwood plush toy
Vivienne Westwood
Twiggy plush doll
Kurt Cobain plush toy
Kurt Cobain
Eddie from Iron Maiden plush toy
Eddie from Iron Maiden
Iggy Pop in silver pants plush toy
Iggy Pop with silver pants and vest
Robert Smith of The Cure plush toy
Robert Smith of The Cure
Joan Jett plush toy
Joan Jett
Keith Haring plush toy
Keith Haring
Designer Alexander McQueen plush toy
Alexander McQueen
Exene Cervenka plush toy
Siouxsie Sioux
Frida Khalo plush toy
Frida Kahlo

“The Bride” from Kill Bill: Volume 2
The Beatles plush toys
The Beatles
Alex from A Clockwork Orange plush toy
Alex from A Clockwork Orange
Andy Warhol (with banana) plush toy
Andy Warhol (with banana)
Aladdin Sane plush toy
Aladdin Sane with eyepatch
Aladdin Sane in gold suit plush toy
Aladdin Sane in gold suit
Snowman Luchadores plush toy
Snowman Luchadores

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