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Iconic occult ‘Angel Heart’ Ring on sale today only for 30% off
08:49 pm
Iconic occult ‘Angel Heart’ Ring on sale today only for 30% off

One fateful afternoon thirty years ago, NYC-based jewelry designer Alex Streeter was working in the backroom at his eponymous store in Soho. Two gentlemen entered the shop and approached the artist, identifying themselves as the art directors for Alan Parker’s then-in-production supernatural thriller Angel Heart. They then proceeded to tell Streeter that they felt he was, in fact, the strangest jeweler in town, and hired him on the spot to create a distinctive collection in silver to be worn by the film’s stars, Robert De Niro and Charlotte Rampling. Thus, the famous, or perhaps infamous, Angel Heart Ring, a pentagram in an amber orb held aloft by two rams—and soon to become Streeter’s signature work—was born.

One memorable scene in Angel Heart sees De Niro’s sinister character slowly rolling a boiled egg on a plate as Mickey Rourke’s character stares at his amazing ring. Since the film’s release in 1987, Alex Streeter‘s impeccably carved and beautifully-crafted jewelry has been worn by the likes of Jimmy Page, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Madonna, Kirk Douglas of The Roots and Marilyn Manson and seen in the pages of fashion bibles the world over. But it’s not just rock stars who covet his fine craftsmanship, it’s people wanting to feel like a rock star—or a sorcerer perhaps—who are attracted to his singular, occult-inspired handiworks.

Alex Streeter‘s work obviously isn’t for everyone, but for those who are attracted to it, it can be an obsession. But did they chose to wear his work, or did his work chose them to wear it?

It’s probably a little of both.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the ring’s creation, Alex Streeter has designed a new stamped, limited collector’s edition of the Angel Heart Ring. It’s a thicker version of the classic setting, complete with limited edition details, including the trademark Alex Streeter logo and “XXX” stamping on the inner ring.This limited edition setting will only be available through March 6th, 2018 before being discontinued.

Today April 26th—to celebrate Alex’s birthday—is the annual sale at and For one day only you take 30% off with the code “ALEXBDAY” at checkout.

Amber Angel Heart Ring

Side view

Ewaka Red Angel Heart Ring: Hand-created stone in a solid sterling silver setting.

Superfly Ring: In 1974, Alex Streeter travelled to the Yucatán Peninsula on a stone sourcing trip in the early days of his fledgling jewelry company.  On the search for opals in particular, he found himself en route towards the ancient city known as Tulum. One night, however, he missed the last bus and wound up spending an entire night in the jungle being bitten alive by all kinds of insects. At sunrise the next morning, he finally made it into town, settled into a local pension and carved what is now known as the Superfly ring.

Dragon Tooth Ring: Available with Quartz or Black Onyx set in oxidized Sterling Silver.

Marquise Scorpion Ring: The latest installment in the Scorpion series, the Marquise Scorpion Ring is available in two variations. A Marquise-cut faceted stone is presented horizontally or vertically by two tiny mirrored scorpions. The scorpion is a powerful symbol, hailed by the Ancient Egyptians as an emblem of protection. In Tibet the scorpion was worn as an amulet, guarding the wearer against evil spirits.

Horse-Fly Ring: Inspired by an Ancient Egyptian necklace worn by Nefertiti, Alex carved this piece after one of his frequent trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After spending decades hidden away in a private collection, this unique piece is available to the public once more.

Large Armadillo Armour Ring: In the late 1970s Alex Streeter created a line of “defensive jewelry” after hearing the story of a female friend’s mugging. He used pieces of a taxidermied armadillo to create body armor, and held an event known as the “Bate of the Amazons.” Two tall models wearing his custom creations fought each other in a match staged in a boxing ring in the middle of Prince Street. Many years later, in 1992 he created a scaled-down version of these pieces in jewelry form. Thus emerged the Armadillo Cuff, as well as both Large and Small Armadillo Rings, inspired by the shape of the Armadillo’s shell.

Timeless Watch: Solid sterling silver with genuine leather strap.

30 Years of the Angel Heart Ring

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