‘If Heaven was real’: OFF!, Melvins and Dinosaur Jr. interviews by a 10-year-old kid

Last spring, we told you all about Kids Interview Bands, a web series featuring two young ladies from Central Ohio talking to members of Mastodon, Slayer, the Pixies, and even ICP. Well, perhaps predictably, the boys are on the case too: a young fellow named Elliott conducts musician interviews for, and he’s doing a fine job. (He’s the son of the site’s masterminds, Daniela and Justin Fullam—the site is basically a family art project. Cool family, I must doff my cap to them!)

Here he is getting Keith Morris of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and OFF! talking about the go-for-it ethos of early So-Cal hardcore, what he’d do if he were President, and other critical subjects like “the government or Dracula?” And Morris is plenty awesome here.

This chat with Melvins singer/guitarist King Buzzo is really great too. His answers to some of Elliott’s more bonkers questions are just terrific.

THIS one is excellent—probably one of the best J Mascis interviews out there. More interviewers need to ask questions like “If Heaven was real what would you want it to look like?”

Last one we’ll share, though there’s more to be found on the littlepunkpeople YouTube channel: the Swedish metal band Ghost (a/k/a Ghost B.C.) is probably better known for its stage presentation than its music. Their singer, Papa Emeritus II, appears in the guise of a rotting corpse dressed as the Pope. The other five members of the band obscure their identities with hoods and masks, and all of them use the stage name “A Nameless Ghoul.” Not sure which one of them Elliott is talking to here, and I kind of don’t care, because whichever one he is, he’s freakin’ great! Between this series and Kids Interview Bands, it’s amusing to note just how many people from gnarly-ass, aggressive bands are really, really excellent with kids.

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