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Jesus appears on designer shower curtains as Satan, a surfer, his holiness Tom Waits & MORE!
09:52 am
Jesus appears on designer shower curtains as Satan, a surfer, his holiness Tom Waits & MORE!

The lord and savior, Tom Waits, striking a Christ-like pose on a shower curtain by artist Hilan Can. The bible held by Waits contains lyrics from the musician’s 2004 single, “Dead and Lovely”
Sometimes one is fortunate enough to do what they have always wanted to do for a living—and I am living proof of that. Lots of people utter the phrase “thank god” without actually giving the words a second thought beyond using it as a mere expression. By the way, I’m one of those people, and though I wasn’t raised in an non-believing home, I’m pretty convinced that some unseen, unknown deity was not responsible for the creation of this world, nor should said (probably) non-existent deity be personally thanked when you achieve a goal, win a Grammy or dodge a bullet in the game of Russian roulette that is life. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love my job—regardless if I’m writing about Iggy Pop doing coke while in rehab or in this case, fancy shower curtains with various, strange depictions of Jesus Christ emblazened on them. AMEN!

If you have been reading Dangerous Minds for a while, then you’ve been personally hipped to an obsession that I share with DM’s own Tara McGinley that concerns our preoccupation with designer shower curtains. To prove my point, I will tell you that just today I was looking for yet another new curtain for my bathroom (I need a support group, it’s true). Then I came across a curtain featuring Slim Jim spokesperson/one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, Randy “Macho Man” Savage flying through the air about to land a perfect “big elbow” to the back of Jesus’ head. I do remember that particular image was a huge Internet meme following Savage’s passing in 2011 in a tragic car crash. Even in death, Macho wasn’t having any of it, not even when he arrived at Jesus’ nifty cloud house. Anyway, the discovery of that epic shower curtain led me to immediately pursue the availability of other alarming bathroom necessities that incorporated images of the Son o’ God in ways that most of us have never considered. All I can say is this—there is a blacklight shower curtain in this post of Jesus with a third eye and blood dripping from his other eyes. That’s all. No big deal. Some of the images below are NSFW.

Jesus as an astronaut, a more believable scenario than other stuff I’ve heard. Get it here.

The mythical Randy “Macho Man” Savage vs. Jesus shower curtain. Get it here.

The equally mythical blacklight Jesus shower curtain. Bong and VHS copy of ‘The Song Remains the Same’ not included.

“The ArtPostles” shower curtain. Available here.

A fantastic riff on the painting “The Son of Man” by Belgian surrealist, René Magritte. Available here.

Charlie don’t surf but Jesus does. Available here.

A shower curtain as well as reminder that Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine. If you need this for some reason, click here.

“Jareth is my Jesus.” Get it here.

Satan vs Jesus shower curtain. Get it here.

“Crosses meet Pentagrams” shower curtain. Get it here.

“Coffee with Jesus” shower curtain. Get it here.

“Jesus, etc” shower curtain. Get it here.

The “Vajaysus” shower curtain. If you need this, you might want to get some help. Here you go!

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