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Jesus burrito kept in fur-lined box helps Texas man win lotto
01:03 pm

Or something like that.

Rene Cantu a 26-year-old San Antonio man who says he suffered from bad luck claims his life changed for the better when he saw the face of Jesus burned into the tortilla of his breakfast burrito.

I like how he takes his own personal (burrito) Jesus with him when he buys his lotto tickets. I think I would do that too. Via KVUE TV:

“I’ve been having a lot of bad stuff happen to me,” said Cantu. “Ever since this happened it’s been good luck to me. Every time I take it to the store I get a Lotto and I win!”

He said it also reminds him of his blessed life.

“A little Savior watching over me,” said Cantu as he glanced at his tortilla wrapped in a fur blanket.  Cantu keeps it well preserved in a box, and even poured transparent glue over it to seal it.

“It brings me a lot of faith and hope and maybe I can bring people faith and hope, too,” he said.



Via Christian Nightmares, now accepting submissions at Christian Nightmares, Too. Tell of your Christian nightmare, why don’t you?

Posted by Richard Metzger
01:03 pm



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