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Jon Stewart tells House Republicans *exactly* what should have been said to them


“This is just a simple, down the middle, black and white, cut and dry, warm cup of what would Jesus, or anything other human being that isn’t an asshole, do?

And you blew it”

Anyone who lives in a red hurricane corridor state just got a nice steaming pile dropped on their heads of what the GOP reps that they themselves freely chose to elect have in store for them the next time a hurricane rips the roof off their house. Don’t be surprised when rabid reichwingers act like rabid reichwingers when you vote for them!

Unbelievable. What MORE evidence would any sane person need not to vote Republican for anything, or any office, not even dog catcher? And as Stewart points out, when even Peter King thinks you’re a disgrace…

Peter fucking King got it right, for god’s sake! This speaks volumes about how messed up it all is.

Posted by Richard Metzger
04:21 pm



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