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Jugend: German Art Nouveau Magazine Now Online
04:57 pm


Artist John Coulthart reveals that you can get the whole back catalog of Jugend, a fin-de-siècle German art nouveau magazine, online. In PDFs, no less. Local-goth-bands-looking-for-show-flier-art-go!

It was just over a year ago that I was wishing there was some way to see whole issues of Jugend magazine, the German periodical launched in 1896 whose Art Nouveau style gave its name to the movement in Germany, Jugendstil. Yesterday’s search for Heinrich Vogeler artwork turned up that very thing, scanned editions of Jugend at the University of Heidelberg’s digital archive. Whole numbers from 1896 to 1925! I am aghast. As well as the scanned pages being very high quality you can download the bound collections as PDFs, each one totalling over 400 pages. Leafing through pages of old magazines in a foreign language doesn’t sound very stimulating if you can’t read German but Jugend was a very visual publication. Each issue is crammed with a variety of drawings in styles which range from black-and-white Art Nouveau motifs and quasi-Symbolist illustration to humorous drawings and cartoons. Each issue also featured a large drawing or painting on a fold-out spread.

(John Coulthart: Jugend)

(The Haunter of the Dark: And Other Grotesque Visions)

Posted by Jason Louv
04:57 pm



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