Just your average cemetery next to a clown motel!?
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Just your average cemetery next to a clown motel!?

Nevada’s historic Old Tonopah Cemetery was founded in May 7, 1901 and was active until April 1911 when it outgrew its tiny confines and a larger plot of land was secured elsewhere. The graves consist of a little over 300 folks who succumbed to the “Tonopah Plague.” (Other websites say it’s full of deceased gold miners.)

But that’s not really why I’m posting this, you see right next to the cemetery is a clown motel. Yep you heard me, a clown motel. It’s even called the Clown Motel and it’s located halfway between Reno and Las Vegas, where Route 6 and Route 95 merge.

When you’re lookin’ for a motel in the middle of the desert—especially if you happen to be a clown yourself—why not rest your weary unicycle a clown-themed dwelling adjacent to a cemetery? Totally makes sense, right? Maybe it’s a lil’ on the Stephen King side, but you be the judge…

Anyway, the wood-paneled lobby/office of the motel is packed with inviting toy clowns. With porcelain clowns, portraits of clowns and there’s even a grinning life-size clown that’s sits in a chair and watches every move you make. Not cool.

I wonder if you arrive in full clown make-up if they’ll roll out the red carpet for you. Someone should do that and make a video of what happens.







This video convinced me I that must stay there…

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