Kate Bush announces first tour dates in 35 years
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Kate Bush announces first tour dates in 35 years

Good news for Kate Bush fans, as the reclusive singer has announced her first tour in 35 years. The announcement, made this morning, on her website attracted such interest it caused the site to crash.

Ms. Bush will perform fifteen concerts as part of the Before the Dawn tour at the London Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, during August and September this year. Tickets will go on sale on March 28th, and prices range from £49-£135.

The last time Kate Bush toured was for six-weeks in 1979. The tour was eventually brought to a halt as Ms. Bush felt she did not have full control over the show, and (apparently) her fear of flying. It was also during this tour that her lighting director Bill Dufield died, which severely affected the singer.

She also subsequently claimed:

“By the end, I felt a terrific need to retreat as a person because I felt that my sexuality, which in a way I hadn’t really had a chance to explore myself, was being given to the world in a way which I found impersonal.”

Ms. Bush has been hinting at a return to touring since 2011, when she told Mojo magazine that she wanted to get back on stage before she became “too ancient.

“I still don’t give up hope completely that I’ll be able to do some live work, but it’s certainly not in the picture at the moment because I just don’t quite know how that would work with how my life is now.”

For details of Kate Bush’s Before the Dawn tour click here.

And here’s Kate on her first and only tour in 1979, from the BBC’s magazine show, Nationwide.

Via the Daily Telegraph

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