Kids dressed up for Halloween like Prince, Adam Ant, KISS, & even a baby Björk
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Kids dressed up for Halloween like Prince, Adam Ant, KISS, & even a baby Björk

A kid version of Adam Ant in his “Prince Charming” getup. Awww.
Halloween is nearly upon us, and that means that it is also the only time of year that you get a pass for letting your toddler hold a bottle of Jack Daniels because it happens to be part of their “costume.” If your kid is still a baby, they, of course, have no real say in the Halloween costume decision-making process, mostly because they can’t yet express themselves verbally, which leaves you to dress your said baby like Björk when she made her famous red-carpet appearance at the 2001 Academy Awards in a dress made to look like a swan (created by designer Marjan Pejoski). You wouldn’t be the first parent to do so—and I’ve got photographic proof of that.

This post was inspired by my discovery of one of Glasgow’s coolest inhabitants, photographer, and lecturer Simon Murphy who delights in helping dress up his two daughters as various musical icons such as Janis Joplin, or the alcohol-swilling vocalist for The Pogues, Shane MacGowan. To achieve an authentic look based on MacGowan’s notorious dental problems, Murphy used cake icing that had been colored black to mimic his infamous mouth-full-of-decaying-teeth “smile.”  As a child of the 80s, I spent a lot of time dressing up like Ace Frehley from KISS along with every other kid that liked to rock and roll all night—so I had to include some choice, vintage images of the youngest members of the KISS Army all dressed up to trick or treat. Now, in honor of our Lord and savior The Great Pumpkin, check out the photos of kids looking cooler than we ever did dressed up as rock stars ranging from Angus Young, to our dearly departed Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie, that I’ve posted below.

Baby Björk FTW!

A mini-version of Prince.

A photo of one of photographer Simon Murphy’s daughters dressed up like Shane MacGowan.

A vintage photo of kids dressed like KISS.

Little Ziggy Stardust.

Angus Young.

A kid version of former Immortal guitarist and vocalist Abbath Doom Occulta. 

“Papa Emeritus” aka Tobias Forge of Ghost.

A kid version of “Jerry Only” aka Gerald Caiafa, Jr the bassist for the Misfits.

Bowie and Prince in mini-form.


Kurt Cobain.

Another photo by Simon Murray and one of his daughters dressed up like Janis Joplin.

Andy Warhol.

More vintage kids dressed up like KISS. Extra points for the van in the backgroud.

A little tyke dressed up like Gwar vocalist “Oderus Urungus” aka the late David Brockie.

More vintage KISS kids.

A wee “Flavor Flav” of Public Enemy.
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