Laser-cut jewelry based on ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ Siouxsie Sioux’s ‘eyes’ & other pop culture icons
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Laser-cut jewelry based on ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ Siouxsie Sioux’s ‘eyes’ & other pop culture icons

A laser-cut image of actor Malcolm McDowell from ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ A triangular cameo and necklace by Fable & Fury.
Based in Seattle, Fable & Fury’s often gonzo wearable offerings run the gamut from necklaces with cameos of David Lynch and Vampirella to devilishly stylish takes on famous verbiage from Stanley Kubrick’s violent mindfuck, A Clockwork Orange. One such homage—derived from Anthony Burgess’ 1971 novel on which the film was based—includes the word “Devotchka” attached to a chain. The word, which means “young woman” is a part of the colorful fictional slang “Nadsat” created by Burgess himself which Kubrick incorporated into the film. Another great homage to the film by Fable & Fury designer Jennifer is her grim nod to “Alex DeLarge” (memorably played by actor Malcolm McDowell) and his prison number “655321” done in gleaming stainless steel. Nice.

Fable & Fury has been cranking out their bad-ass statement pieces for almost a decade and many of Jennifer’s pieces sell out quickly. The vast majority of the necklaces I’ve posted below run from $21 bucks to $32 or so depending on the style and material, and most are currently in stock at Fable & Fury’s online store.



Another clever reference to ‘A Clockwork Orange.’

Director David Lynch’s face in a pendant shaped like a razor blade. Get it here.

An image of Nick Cave from the cover of the 1997 album ‘The Boatman’s Call.’

Actress Isabella Rossellini in character as “Dorothy Vallens” from the 1986 film directed by David Lynch, ‘Blue Velvet.’

Vampira, actress and model Maila Nurmi.

The unmistakeable eyes of Siouxsie Sioux.

The great Johnny Eck, one of the many stars of Tod Browning’s 1932 cult classic film ‘Freaks.’

Hunter S. Thompson.

Christopher Walken.

Author HP Lovecraft.

Robert Smith of The Cure.


Edgar Allan Poe.

Salvador Dali cameo. Get it here.

An all too realistic spider necklace by Fable & Fury.

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