‘Brown Acid: The Second Trip’—Listen to DM’s exclusive stream of rare psychedelic fuzz from the 70s

Brown Acid: The Second Trip
Brown Acid: The Second Trip.
Today I have the great pleasure of bringing to your ears a Dangerous Minds exclusive - a full album stream of the second compilation full of rare and gritty fuzz from the 1970s curated by RidingEasy Records and L.A. retailer Permanent Records, Brown Acid: The Second Trip.

As with RidingEasy’s first Brown Acid release, The Second Trip contains a stellar collection of rare heavy-hitting, proto-metal psychedelically tinged rock tracks from bands so obscure, most flew far under most rock and roll radars back in the 1970s. In fact, one track by Spiny Norman (who sound like Jethro Tull only heavier and tripping balls on acid), “Bell Park Loon” was never physically released, and languished in a collectors archive on reel to reel for 38 years until Lance Barresi of Permanent Records joined forces with Daniel Hall of RidingEasy, and reached an agreement so “Bell Park Loon” could finally see the light of day on Brown Acid: The Second Trip.
Iron Knowledge promo for their single, Show-Stopper, mid-1970s
An ad for the Iron Knowledge single, ‘Show-Stopper,’ 1972.
I’ve no doubt that DM’s legions of readers are going to deeply dig kicking back and turning up tracks from bands they have likely never heard of before. Like Youngstown, Ohio band Iron Knowledge and their out-of-sight squealing-jam “Show-Stopper,” or the Sabbath-like grind of Australian psyche-rock band Ash, and the throbbing prod that makes up their 1971 track “Midnight Witch.”

Pre-order info can be found here.

You can listen to the entire album stream of Brown Acid: The Second Trip, below. I’ve also included a video of the aforementioned Ash performing “Midnight Witch” on the Aussie weekly music show, Hit Scene that was recorded at the Melbourne International Motor Show in the early 70s.
H/T to Dave Clifford of US / Them for the exclusive stream!


Iron Knowledge performing ‘Midnight Witch’ on Australian music TV show, ‘Hit Scene,’ early 70s.

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