For the love of the ‘Common People’: Fans cover Pulp

Following on from Bob Dylan’s suggestion we should write his autobiography, Pulp are currently running a competition to find the best cover version of one of their tracks:

During the process of learning to play the old songs again we have been consulting the cover versions posted on-line… Vote for your favorites by ‘liking’ them - or upload your own rendition if you think you can do better.

There’s even “a musical prize” for the winner.

As “Common People” is Pulp’s best known song and the one that appears to encourage most cover versions (will anyone surpass William Shatner’s version?) here are 8 covers of “Common People” - just a small selection of the many videos so far uploaded onto the site. If you want to see more, vote for your favorite, or think you can do better check here.

William Shatner’s cover of ‘Common People’ as a Lego animation by niblickthe3rd 

The Vicious Guns cover version recorded on ‘a hot sweltering day in Toronto’

Lip-synching by full strength: ‘Pulp wanted people to do their own video of their songs…. So here’s ours!’ 

London based singer/songwriter/comedian Sean Clothier performs his version of ‘Common People’ on an accordion

Manel‘s version

Perpetual State of Inertia performed live in Mexico

Common People - Pulp Ukulele Cover by NickKnackPattywak

And back to William Shatner’s cover with daveyiscoo 


Posted by Paul Gallagher
05:13 pm



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