Loving the Alien: Bizarre futuristic inflatable latex sex suits that are out of this world
09:29 am
Loving the Alien: Bizarre futuristic inflatable latex sex suits that are out of this world

An inflatable ball hood.
File this post under “don’t ask me how I found these” because honestly, even if did know, I can’t share my secrets with you. But don’t worry, I am pretty good at sharing what I do dig up on a daily basis with you. I mean, it’s my job after all, and this post is living proof that I occasionally take one for the team by exploring parts of the Internet that like to let their freak flags fly a bit higher than most…

I’m not going to lie—I had no idea that inflatable, wearable balls were a part of the universe of kink. And I enjoy writing about kink. A lot. But these were new to me.  I stumbled upon these sci-fi looking latex suits and accessories that you can wear on your head, torso, or hands. The visual of seeing a pair of women’s latex-clad legs attached to a giant black ball feels like something out of Leigh Bowery’s good time playbook, if not a BDSM version of Mummenschanz. If this is your kind of thing, and why not I say, the futuristic suits will run you anywhere from $150 to about $300. Everything pictured in this post is available here and ship from the UK where they are experts on kink.

Inflatable ball body.

Inflatable ball gloves! They’re fun to wear everywhere!

A totally trippy inflatable top.

An inflatable collar that goes with the inflatable top above.

Inflatable balloon body.

A ‘bobble bag’ with someone inside.


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