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Lustful and lush paintings depicting ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ by Gail Potocki
02:37 pm
Lustful and lush paintings depicting ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ by Gail Potocki

“Lust.” A painting from artist Gail Potocki’s latest series, ‘The Seven Deadly Sins.’
The artwork of Chicago-based artist Gail Potocki may be familiar to you as her work has been shown in galleries the world over. Her modern paintings would look right at home hanging alongside those of European masters painters such as Peter Paul Rubens and Sir Anthony van Dyck, as well as the Italian artist Orazio Gentileschi. In short, Potocki’s work is nothing short of breathtaking.

In her latest show set to open this coming weekend at the Century Guild in Culver City, California, Potocki will reveal her ethereal and unique take on “The Seven Deadly Sins.” If you are somehow not familiar with Potocki’s artwork and like what you see in this post, I highly recommend picking up the 2006 book The Union of Hope and Sadness: The Art of Gail Potocki. Some of the images that follow are slightly NSFW.







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02:37 pm



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