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Marianne Faithfull on Love, Marriage, Drugs and Death, from 1968

Marianne Faithfull describes her first marriage to artist, John Dunbar.

I fell in love with somebody who was totally poor, but really a gas, and I realized it didn’t mean a thing.

It’s a very honest answer, but there is something vulnerable in her response (a slight pause, an unfocussed look off to the right), as if Faithfull would rather talk about something else.

The interviewer is journalist Michael Barrett. It is 1968, Marianne has left her husband, and has embarked on a relationship with singer, Mick Jagger

I am watching the interview, disappointed (once again) that so often (male) interviewers have to ask (talented, strong) women about their relationships, rather than their work.

Marianne isn’t perturbed. This was still the 1960s. She goes on to explain why marriage may be “groovy,” for many people (or maybe not), but it was not “the scene” for her.

The language may now seem dated, but the sentiments of searching for one’s own personal happiness are still relevant.

Barrett then moves on to drugs—it’s like he has a mental tick list: “Sex. Tick. Drugs. Tick.” You know he will definitely move onto death before this interview is over.

Discussing drugs, Marianne begins with a caveat:

I never wanted to talk about drugs in public, because I don’t want to influence anybody.

Marianne gives her honest views on Aldous Huxley, marijuana and LSD. Then, Barrett asks her about death…I told you that was coming….

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