Meet Tatayet, the horrific Belgian puppet

Play this record if you’re having trouble sleeping at night. In the mid-1980’s Belgian puppeteer Michel Dejeneffe and his terrifying creation named Tatayet were an enormous sensation in Europe. The Tatayet Show was broadcast on RTBF (the public channel for the French-speaking part of Belgium) every Sunday evening and as result of their success, an entire discography of Tatayet LP’s and 45’s were released to widespread acclaim. The 1986 dance single “At the Graveyard” which received much radio airplay featured a memorable chorus that anybody could sing along to: “At the graveyard, stiff and ten feet underground. In a pine box, like potatoes, with a ton of earth on top of the pine box.”

What can be better than a song like “At the Graveyard”? Recently, the fine folks over at video blogging empire Everything Is Terrible! unearthed a never-before-seen video clip of Tatayet performing his hit song “Le Kitching” on a French variety television show in 1986. Complete with dancing witches, rats, and a fog machine (nope, it wasn’t even close to Halloween) the catchy chorus is sure to get you hooked after a single listen. Following the performance, puppeteer Michel Dejeneffe sits down on a couch for an interview with the host while Tatayet sips on a glass of champagne. In case you were wondering, Dejeneffe is still alive, well, touring and performing with Tatayet… if you have the means you might consider hiring them for your child’s next birthday party.



Posted by Doug Jones
08:04 am



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