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Meet the ‘invisible people’ who pick up the trash at Mitt’s $12 million beachfront mansion

Richard Hayes is a City of San Diego sanitation worker whose route includes Mitt Romney’s $12 million oceanfront villa in La Jolla. You know, the one with the elevator for all of his cars.

My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash. We’re kind of like the invisible people. He doesn’t realize that the service we provide—if it wasn’t for us, it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash.

Residents do come out and shake our hands. Sometimes they give us hugs and thank us for the job we’re doing, hand us water and Gatorades. Tell us we’re doing a good job and keep up the good work. Picking up 15, 16 tons by hand, that takes a toll on your body. When I’m 55, 60 years old, I know my body’s gonna be break down [sic]. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about that.

I doubt that it’s ever crossed his mind.

Here’s a second San Diego sanitation worker’s take on Mitt. Meet Meet Joan Raymond:

Both testimonials via AFSCME, the nation’s largest and fastest growing public services employees union with more than 1.6 million active and retired members.

Posted by Richard Metzger
11:28 am



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