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‘Mickey Mouse in Vietnam’: Lee Savage & Milton Glaser’s rare anti-war animation

Mickey Mouse in Vietnam is anti-war animation produced by Lee Savage and Milton Glaser in 1968.

The one-minute cartoon has Mickey arriving in Vietnam before being shot in the head. This unofficial Mickey Mouse cartoon was said to have angered the Disney organization so much that they attempted to destroy every copy.

As uploader Sandip Mahal explains on Vimeo:

Until recently, the only known copies available for public viewing were one owned by the Sarajevo Film Festival (although the last time it was played there was in 2010), and one included on the Film-makers’ Coop’s 38 minute, 16mm collection reel titled For Life, Against the War (Selections), available for rental at $75 (though only to members of relevant organisations). The only pieces of hard evidence of the short’s existence available online were a few screenshots (all but one found in a 1998 French book entitled ‘Bon Anniversaire, Mickey!’).


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Posted by Paul Gallagher
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