Miscreants rejoice! Artist Krent Able’s new ‘appallingly filthy’ illustrated book is coming!
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Miscreants rejoice! Artist Krent Able’s new ‘appallingly filthy’ illustrated book is coming!

The cover of the forthcoming book ‘The Second Coming of Krent Able’ by Steve Martin.

“This book will make the perfect Xmas gift for elderly relatives, beloved friends, and hated enemies.”

—London-based artist and illustrator Krent Able (the alter-ego of author Steve Martin) on his upcoming book, The Second Coming of Krent Able.

If you think Mr. Able’s statement about the follow-up to his gritty Big Book of Mischief (2012), The Second Coming of Krent Able, sounds like a warning wrapped in a delicious piece of candy, you would be correct. There is nobody quite like Krent Able, a long-time illustrator of morally questionable comics, that initially ran in the UK bi-monthly mag The Stool Pigeon (RIP, 2013). Able’s work has also disgraced the pages of the Guardian and NME, often depicting musician Nick Cave as the no-good chain-smoking “Doctor Cave.” Or meat-is-murder crusader Morrissey, looking forward to devouring a plate of bloody entrails topped with a skinned animal head—one fixated dead eyeball staring right at you because, even though it’s dead, it is as confused about this fucking situation as you are. 

Does this mean Krent Able is a malapert of the highest order, here to provide us with “appallingly filthy” comic book tales full of mayhem, dicks, and death? Assuredly the answer to this question is yes, and knowing Krent’s Second Coming is coming is great news indeed. As a graphic novel enthusiast (amusingly, my last was 2017’s Nick Cave: Mercy on Me), and proud owner of Big Book Of Mischief, I can safely say The Second Coming of Krent Able will be chock full of vitriolic comics which will disgust and delight you at the same time. If you enjoy subversive subject matter, I’m sure you will enjoy looking at some NSFW images from Able’s forthcoming book, courtesy of the artist himself. If you’d like to learn more about Able, check out the engrossing, award-winning short documentary, Ink, Cocks, & Rock ‘N’ Roll (2017) which will give you yet another reason to appreciate the artist and his ultra-salacious take on satire.

The Second Coming of Krent Able is due out in the UK and U.S. on December 13th, 2018. Signed copies of the book can be pre-ordered here.

The not-so-good Doctor Cave by Krent Able.

William Burroughs and his creepy pal.


David Lynch being David Lynch by Able.

A panel from a comic strip by Able, “The Curious Adventures Of Morrissey And His Hearing-Impaired Driver, Clyde.”

Finally, a holiday I can actually get behind, Aphexmas!

“Kraftwerk go Country.”

Another comic panel by Able featuring Doctor Cave. In case you were wondering, it is said Cave was spotted buying a copy of Able’s first book shortly after its publication in 2012. What he did with it is another matter.

A headmelting illustration by Able for the cover of French magazine AAARG!, issue #10.

Steve Martin (as “Krent Able”) hard at work at his desk drawing very bad things. Yes.

The 2017 award-winning short documentary ‘Ink, Cocks, & Rock ‘N’ Roll’ on artist Steve Martin/Krent Able.

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