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Mr. No Legs will break you, fool
06:10 pm

Mr. No Legs, starring double amputee action star Ted Vollrath, is thought to be ultimate “cripsploitation” film—indeed, it had few challengers to the title until 2009’s “Thalidomide baby” martial arts stinker Kung Fu Flid AKA Unarmed But Dangerous.

Here’s what the Internal Bleeding blog had to say about the film:

Mr. No Legs is a legless enforcer that rides around in a bad ass wheelchair, equiped with side mounted shotguns that flip out of the armrests at the push of a button. Those shotguns have auto-aim too, so even though they point dead ahead, they can shoot dudes 3 feet off the ground with no problem. If the guns don’t stop you, his whirlwind stump-fu will really trip you up, fool.

He’s working for a drug distributor that hides cocaine inside of cigars. When one of the dealer’s girlfriends finds out that he’s selling drugs, she threatens to leave and accidentally bashes her head on a TV and dies. Bad news is her brother’s a cop, and when he gets wind of the situation, he could crack up the whole operation. When foul play is suspected in the girl’s murder, things lead back to Mr. No Legs and things start to get interesting.


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Posted by Richard Metzger
06:10 pm



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