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My Princess Boy: Meet the most awesome family in America
09:53 am

It hasn’t just yet, but here’s to hoping this incredibly moving clip goes all-out viral today:

Cute, 5-year-old Dyson Kilodavis might have the most awesome family in America.

After young Dyson began grabbing for “girl’s toys” and pink, sparkly dress-up outfits, his parents became, at first, alarmed and uncomfortable that their little boy might be gender-dysmorphic.

“I like to dress up in different kinda clothes, and jewelry,” says Dyson. His favorite outfit of all is that of a princess. Cheryl Kilodavis and her husband, Dean, came to accept and embrace their son and his budding, authentic self. When Dyson decided that he was going to wear a princess costume to his school’s Halloween day, Cheryl called the school and told them what was going on. Dyson’s teacher, Judith Hart, called together the entire staff for support and she got it—even three of the school’s most “macho” male employees dressed as ballerinas for the day to show support for the “Princess Boy”! And wait until you get to the part in the end where his wise-beyond-his-years older brother (he’s eight!) speaks. The world’s in a Hell of a mess, but not everything is getting worse, as this totally worthwhile 10-minute clip proves.

This child, I think it’s clear, is going to be who and what he’ll be. But unlike many kids like him, he’s not going to grow up thinking there is anything wrong with who he is. This kid is FABULOUS and nothing less! With all of the gay bullying, suicides and the general anti-gay bigotry going on in rightwing circles, Cheryl, Dean and their older son Dkobe, deserve admiration and gratitude from the rest of us, for being such an amazing, wise examples for other people in their situation, with their loving parenting of their “Princess Boy.”

Cheryl wrote a book called My Princess Boy, which you can order on Amazon. or purchase locally in the Seattle area.

Via Jezebel

Posted by Richard Metzger
09:53 am



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