‘Nicolas Cage is a Vampire’: Photo from 1870 for sale on eBay
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Apparently Nicolas Cage is some sort of time-traveling vampire. You can buy the photo now on eBay for $1,000,000.00. From the listing:

Original c.1870 carte de visite showing a man who looks exactly like Nick Cage. Personally, I believe it’s him and that he is some sort of walking undead / vampire, et cetera, who quickens / reinvents himself once every 75 years or so. 150 years from now, he might be a politician, the leader of a cult, or a talk show host.

This is not a trick photo, it’s an original photograph of a man who lived in Bristol, TN sometime around the Civil War.

In the Q & A the seller adds:

Q: Nick Cage has aged terribly in the past 10 years, he’s obviously not been drinking his daily amount of blood to stay young.

A: My theory is that he allows himself to age to a certain point, maybe 70, 80 or so, then the actor “Nicolas Cage” will “die”... but in reality, the undead vampire “Nicolas Cage” will have rejuvenated himself and appeared in some other part of the world, young again, and ready to start all over. From time to time somebody might mention to him that he bears a slight resemblance to the young version that dead American actor, whose name they can’t recall, but eventually, those occurrences will stop altogether.

Nicolas Cage is a Vampire / Photo from 1870 / Tennessee

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