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Nifty futuristic images from Mao’s China
10:44 am
Nifty futuristic images from Mao’s China

Popular Science, 9/1961
We don’t really think of midcentury China as having a space-age or Jetsons mentality, but these remarkable magazine covers from 1961 and 1962 clearly prove that premise wrong. “Kexue Dazhong” does mean “popular science,” so this is effectively the Popular Science of China.

On this page I found the following text (after having Google Translate masticate it for a few nanoseconds):

1960s, the Soviet Union and China against each other, the withdrawal of scientific and technological personnel, China to promote technological self-reliance campaign on “science and technology development is the practice of a better tomorrow.

Well, maybe Google Translate wasn’t so much help after all in this instance. There seems to be some emphasis on competition between the USSR and the People’s Republic of China and “self-reliance,” and yet the “9/1962” cover image below depicts a smiling Russian cosmonaut. So I don’t know what’s going on there.

The page did have the benefit of mentioning the American source book for the image above: Scott Minick and Jiao Ping’s Chinese Graphic Design in the Twentieth Century (1990).
Popular Science, 1/1962
Popular Science, 3/1962
Popular Science, 4/1962
Popular Science, 9/1962
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Posted by Martin Schneider
10:44 am



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