Night Gallery: A connoisseur selection of bloody, gruesome & sexy Giallo and horror movie posters
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Night Gallery: A connoisseur selection of bloody, gruesome & sexy Giallo and horror movie posters

7 Deaths in the Cat’s Eyes  (Italy/France/West Germany, 1973)    d. Antonio Margheriti     Italian 4F Manifesto     55x78

You may recall last month, when—against my better instincts as a collector of these things—I recommended my new favorite online movie poster shop, the Los Angeles-based Westgate Gallery. Why spoil one of the least picked-over bastions of high-end movie posters on the entire Internet for myself, right? Well anyway, I did share it with our readers and apparently y’all turned out in force and picked the place clean.

But fear not, Westgate’s deeply knowledgeable self-described “poster concierge” Christian McLaughlin has unleashed over two hundred new sophisticated eye-popping wall coverings for your perusal and purchase. He obviously had to turn over a lot of rocks (many of them in Italy, from the looks of things) to find posters like the ones you see below. Trust me, you can search through eBay for thousands of pages—I do it all the time—and not find the gold like this passionately persistent and proficient poster prospector can.

And right now—as in right now and for the next seven days only, there is a 30% off Halloween sale—every item in stock—going on at the Westgate Gallery. Just enter the discount code HFS30 at the checkout.

Here’s a selection of some of the best from the latest crop of rare posters at Westgate Gallery...

Slasher Is the Sex Maniac  (Italy, 1972)  d. Roberto Montero     Italian 4F Manifesto       55x78

Jack the Ripper   (Switzerland/West Germany, 1976)    d. Jess Franco     Italian 2F Manifesto   39x55

Creepshow     (USA, 1982)      d. George Romero     French   46x61

Ilsa the Tigress of Siberia    (Canada, 1979)  d. Jean LaFleur   Italian 2F Manifesto     39x55

Vampire Lovers    (UK/USA, 1970)  d. Roy Ward Baker   Italian 2F Manifesto     39x55

Violation of the Bitch    (Spain, 1978)    d. Jose Larraz     Italian 2F Manifesto     39x55

Night of the Living Dead    (USA, 1968)    d. George Romero   US 1sh   1979 Re-release   27x41

Zombie  (Italy, 1979)    d. Lucio Fulci     French   47x63

Re-Animator  (USA, 1985)    d. Stuart Gordon     Italian 2F Manifesto     39x55

Hills Have Eyes  (USA, 1977)    d. Wes Craven     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

Return of the Living Dead  (USA, 1985)    d. Dan O’Bannon     Italian 2F Manifesto

Return of the Living Dead  (USA, 1985)    d. Dan O’Bannon     Unfolded US 1sh     39x55 & 27x41

Monster Squad  (USA, 1987)    d. Fred Dekker     Italian 2F Manifesto   39x55

Amuck!   (Italy, 1972)    d. Silvio Amadio     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

Dressed To Kill
  (USA, 1980)    d. Brian DePalma     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

Burnt Offerings  (USA, 1976)  d. Dan Curtis     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

Eraserhead    (USA, 1977)    d. David Lynch     Japanese   20x29

Zombie    (Italy, 1979)    d. Lucio Fulci     US 1sh   27x41

Last House on the Left    (USA, 1972)  d. Wes Craven       Italian 2F Manifesto       39x55

Friday the 13th Part 3  (USA, 1982)  d. Steve Miner       Italian 2F Manifesto       39x55

Phantasm  (USA, 1979)  d. Don Coscarelli       Japanese   20x29

My Dear Killer     (Italy/Spain, 1972)    d. Tonino Valerii     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

Shock Waves   (USA, 1977)  d. Ken Wiederhorn     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

Green Slime  (USA/Japan, 1968)    d. Kinji Fukasaku     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78

The Blob  (USA, 1958)    d. Irvin Yeaworth, Russell Doughten     Italian 4F Manifesto   55x78   1970s Re-release


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