‘Nightmare Feddy,’ ‘Anna Montana’ and other Chinese import toy knock-off fails
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‘Nightmare Feddy,’ ‘Anna Montana’ and other Chinese import toy knock-off fails

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Several years ago I first became aware of “Nightmare Feddy,” a Chinese bootleg doll of Freddy Krueger from the popular A Nightmare on Elm Street horror franchise, and I’ve been laughing about him ever since. I’m not sure what it is specifically about the name “Nightmare Feddy” that I find so funny, but its one of those things that pops into my head from time to time and I just kind of start laughing to myself over it. “Nightmare Feddy.” It’s just so stupid.

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Apparently I’m not the only person obsessed with “Feddy.” I’m no toy collector, but I’ve wanted one of these Chinese failure figures for years now—I’ve kept my eyes peeled for one in the wild, to no avail. They turn up regularly on eBay,  usually priced between $40 to $80. Yeah, I want this dumb conversation piece, but not forty bucks worth.

But still, just look at this stupid thing. Look at its shoes!

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“Nightmare Feddy” might be a scarce, improbable collector’s item, but a trip to your local Dollar Tree will undoubtedly reveal shelves upon shelves of strangely-titled knock-off toys which are good for similar ESL laughs.

Here’s a treasury of Chinese toy knock-off fails:

Feddy’s cousin: “Monster”

“Spook Chasers”

“Anna Montana”

“Demon Donkey”

“Galaxy Empire”


“Star Knight”—this is also a highly valued collector’s item.

“Iron Storm”

“Lovely Fairy”

“The secretive goo”

“Ninja Hero Rider”

Star Trek”—They got the name right, but absolutely nothing else.

“Power Mans—Invincible Troop Warfare”

“Power Overlord Top King”... now with “chest shine”“

“Toy Special 3” looking rather “special”

What young boy doesn’t want a fighting “Sassy Jackie” doll?

“Dark Rider Batman”

“Sense of Right Alliance.” Who can forget this classic superhero team? Fake Shreck, who let you in here?

“Souperman”—a hero for a cold winter’s day.




“Amicable Herculean”

Knight Rider Becames Robert”

“John Lennon $15,000 reward.” Beatles/Indiana Jones/Western mashup.

“New Style Ninja Tortoise”
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