Now you can have your very own ‘Plumbus’ from ‘Rick and Morty’ for less than six & a half brapples
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Now you can have your very own ‘Plumbus’ from ‘Rick and Morty’ for less than six & a half brapples

An all-too authentic-looking “Plumbus” made by Canadian artist Chad Meister as seen in the Adult Swim cartoon, ‘Rick and Morty.’
The now legendary “all-purpose home device” the “Plumbus” was first featured on the addictive animated Adult Swim show Rick and Morty in Season two on episode eight “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate.” The appearance of the logic-defying Plumbus sent fans into a spiral of WTF much like the aftermath following the equally infamous show from Season Three, “Pickle Rick.” If none of this is making any sense to you, then for some awful reason or thanks to the large rock you live under, I can only assume you’ve never seen an episode of Rick and Morty. If that applies to you, then I highly advise you to change that immediately. Your life will be better for it. Trust me.

Getting back to the Plumbus, an Etsy shop amusingly called Schwifty Props run by Chad Meister has created a spot-on reproduction of the curious Plumbus. Meister’s Plumbus’ come in three different sizes; Tiny (3.5 inches), Regular-Old (six inches), and “Cromulon” (twelve inches) which is an homage to the fantastically bizarre “Pickle Rick” episode. Schwifty Props has even gone the extra mile by including a replica of the Plumbus instruction manual just like the one included in both the DVD and Blu-ray Collector’s Edition releases of Rick and Morty: The Complete Second Season. Here’s a bit from the show that explains what a Plumbus is. Though it might not really explain anything, it’s hard to say:

“Welcome to the exciting world of Plumbus ownership! A Plumbus will aid many things in life, making life easier. With proper maintenance, handling, storage, and urging, Plumbus will provide you with a lifetime of better living and happiness.”

Meister is located in Canada and notes that it can take at least three weeks to ship a Plumbus to you, so keep that in mind. Meister also makes a few other oddities that from the show such as the “Butter Robot” (Episode nine, season one “Something Ricked This Way Comes”), and the often-featured “Mega Seeds” that Rick told Morty to put “way up his butthole” on the debut episode of the show.

Images of the real-life somewhat NSFW Plumbus follow.

A photo of one of Meister’s Plumbus’ hanging out in a bathroom.

The Plumbus workshop.

How cool you will look with your very own Plumbus?

The hopefully helpful manual that comes with your Plumbus.

Meister’s “Mega Seeds” which you should definately not put right up your butt.

The awesome “How They Do It” segment on the Plumbus from ‘Rick and Morty.’

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