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Oddly dreamy and slightly disturbing pencil drawings will delight your inner child
11:56 am
Oddly dreamy and slightly disturbing pencil drawings will delight your inner child

Pig Triptych - Part 2 by Amandine Urruty
Pig Triptych - Part 2 by Amandine Urruty
According to French artist, Amandine Urruty, she loves drawing hair, dogs, people, painting on big walls and eating sausage. As a big fan of all of those things as well, it was pretty easy for me to fall instantly in love with Urruty’s most recent, curious black and white drawings..
The Book -  Amandine Urruty
The Book
Done using pencil and graphite, Urruty’s work reminds me a bit of another unique artist, Mark Ryden when it comes to her incorporation of historical or pop-culture characters and hunks of meat (which Ryden is especially fond of) into her somewhat unsettling creations. There’s also a sense of age to Urruty’s drawings that is reminiscent of the eerie beauty of black and white photography from the early 1900s.
Egg Triptych - Part 2 Amandine Urruty
Egg Triptych - Part 2
In the dreamlike images featured in this post, you will a myriad of characters from your childhood (depending on your age of course), mingling amidst Urruty’s delightfully freaky scenes. Such as Slimer of Ghostbusters fame (as well as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man), Cookie Monster, fictional TV cat enthusiast Alf, a Garbage Pail Kid, a bunch of Muppets, and a tiny version of Chewbacca in a dress holding Urruty’s favorite snack, a sausage.

Her latest book, Dommage Fromage (which is amusingly translated to English as “Damaged Cheese”) which features the works highlighted in this post, can be purchased here. Tons of images of Urruty’s mischievous works (which have a bit of a timely Halloween theme running through them) follow.
h/t: It’s Nice That
Bunny by Amandine Urruty
The Bell - Amandine Urruty
The Bell
Lightning - Amandine Urruty
Coffin - Amandine Urruty
A Big Cat - Amandine Urruty
A Big Cat
Disco Ball - Amandine Urruty
Disco Ball
Flowers - Amandine Urruty
Pig Triptych Part Three - Amandine Urruty
Pig Triptych Part Three
All About Love - Amandine Urruty
All About Love
Skeleton - Amandine Urruty
Family Portrait Three - Amandine Urruty
Family Portrait Three

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