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Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: Seldom seen interview and sketch from 1979

‘There is a nude orgy scene, but I don’t actually strap myself on to anything of the female nature,’ Dudley Moore tells Valerie Singleton about his latest film 10 in this interview from Tonight in Town in 1979.

While his comedy partner, Peter Cook has little to do but smoke cigarettes and rehearse the sidekick role he’d soon be performing, a few year’s down the line, for Joan Rivers’ chat show in 1986.

Thankfully, after a brief chat, Cook is allowed show off his mercurial, comic talents in an improvised sketch with Moore. It’s not classic Pete ‘n’ Dud, but it’s still worth watching, as so much of what these two comedy greats made has been sadly lost.

‘It’s an old hunting tradition that dates back to Druid times,’ Peter Cook tells an innocent Dudley Moore in this opening sketch from their classic series Not Only…But Also…, in 1966.

Sadly most of these shows were wiped by the BBC as part of cost cutting, even though Cook offered to pay for new tapes to keep the shows on archive. But the BBC still said ‘No.’  Now, there’s blue-sky thinking for you.



Posted by Paul Gallagher
07:54 pm



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