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Please help save this gorgeous puppy!
12:38 pm

UPDATE: Sophie has found a great new home! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped spread the word about her. Because of your help, we were able to get her adopted in under 3 hours!! Congratulations to her new owner/father Manash!

Dear Dangerous Minds reader who lives in Southern California,

I wouldn’t ask you this unless it was really, really important….

Meet Sophie. She’s part Dalmatian, maybe part Beagle and about a quarter Pit Bull. She’s smart (learned to sit in five minutes), sweet and she is oh so pretty. She’s black with a white face and paws. Totally gorgeous. When I look at her, I see “Pete the Pup” from The Little Rascals, except that she is obviously a little girl.

She looks like a really tiny Pit Bull, but she’s not that solid or muscular like a full breed would be. Her mouth is small and she has all of her teeth already, leading the vet to believe she was maybe five months old. She is 21lbs as of yesterday and the vet doesn’t reckon she’s going to get that much bigger.

Anyway, Sophie wandered into our next door neighbor’s yard and decided to stay. There she has been for the past week.

They have seven cats and rescued another dog less than three months ago and they can’t keep her. Richard and I already have two dogs, we can’t keep her either.

We’re frantic to find this sweet baby girl a home. Can you help by reposting this or forwarding this information to someone you know who is looking for a great puppy or is just a softie who’ll not want to see such a special girl taken to the pound?

If you are interested email this address RescueSophie@ and someone will get back to you immediately.

Posted by Tara McGinley
12:38 pm



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