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Preach it, Brother Hedgehog: Ron Jeremy goes to church?
03:29 pm

Porno actor Ron Jeremy spoke at a church in Hudsonville, Michigan over the weekend to hundred of people who turned up for his talk, a double bill with California pastor Craig Gross, a minister who tries to help porn addicts.

The local NBC affiliate, WoodTV reported:

Jeremy, who was raised Jewish, spoke briefly about his life in the industry; admitting he still works and has been with more than 2,000 women. Throughout the years, however, he has had several personal experiences that have brought him closer to God; one of them was surviving a car wreck with the late pastor/comedian Sam Kinison.
“The car didn’t hit a single tree. It was a forest…[the car] missed every tree at 60 miles an hour upside down,” Jeremy said.

But Jeremy holds the belief that pornography and religion can co-exist.

“I don’t think the Lord above has a problem with consenting adults, having consenting romance, for consenting adults to watch. Period. But again the whole sex outside marriage, The Bible has got a problem with that and that’s where me and most of the people here are never going to agree on that,” Jeremy said.

He added, “The vast majority of porn stars believe in God.”

Jeremy also played piano and harmonica for attendees.

Porn star speaks at Hudsonville church

Via Christian Nightmares

Posted by Richard Metzger
03:29 pm



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