Prehistoric cheesecake: A look at the curvaceous cavewomen of B-movie cinema
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Prehistoric cheesecake: A look at the curvaceous cavewomen of B-movie cinema

An iconic shot of actress Raquel Welch as a cavewoman in the 1966 film ‘One Million Years B.C.’
If my research regarding the long history of actresses playing cavewomen in films is correct, it is likely that actress and Ziegfeld Follies girl Cecile Arnold was the first woman to play a prehistoric chick in Charlie Chaplin’s 1914 silent film, His Prehistoric Past. Decades later, however, movie-goers would be treated to a vast array of like-themed films such as One Million B.C. (1940); Prehistoric Women (1950); One Million Years B.C. (starring the Raquel Welch in 1966); Hammer’s smashing 1967 remake of Prehistoric Women; the bonkers Italian film, When Women Had Tails (1970); and another stone-age hit from Hammer, Creatures the World Forgot (1971). 

I must be honest—I’m very fond of pictorial-style posts, and this one may be my favorite of all that I’ve done here on Dangerous Minds. And that is because the Internet was exceedingly generous when it came to revealing images of vintage, risky-looking cinematic cavewomen. Photos of Hammer girls Edina Ronay and Caroline Munro, actress Martine Beswick, Barbara Bach (the wife of Beatle Ringo Starr), and the enchanting Norwegian actress Julie Ege—are all featured in this post. Over 30 images of sexy fictional cavewomen follow—most of which are NSFW due to the skimpy attire. You’re welcome

Actor Charlie Chaplin surrounded by a few of his cavewomen (and a not so sleepy caveman) in the 1914 film, ‘His Prehistoric Past.’

Actress Edina Ronay in the 1967 “Hammer Glamour” remake of ‘Prehistoric Women.’

Actress Celeste Yarnall in the 1967 film, ‘Eve.’ Though Yarnall portrayed a “jungle girl” in the film, she gets a pass for obvious reasons.

A photo of Caroline Munro for the 1976 film, ‘At the Earth’s Core.’

Actress and model Barbara Bach in a publicity still for ‘Caveman’ 1981.

Actress, singer, and ex-girlfriend of David Bowie, Dana Gillespie in a still from the 1978 film ‘The People that Time Forgot.’

Actress Carole Landis in 1940’s ‘One Million B.C.’

Edina Ronay in 1967’s ‘Prehistoric Women.’

Martine Bestwick in a publicity still for 1967’s ‘Prehistoric Women.’

Victoria Vetri in ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth’ 1970.

Julie Ege in ‘Creatures the World Forgot’ 1971.

A still from ‘Prehistoric Women’ 1950.

Another publicity photo for ‘Prehistoric Women’ 1950.





A group shot of the cavewomen in ‘Prehistoric Women.’

Victoria Vetri and her fellow cavewomen from ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.’

Brigitte Bardot.

Actress Senta Berger in ‘When Women Had Tails’ 1970.

Another look at Martine Beswick in character as Queen Kari from ‘Prehistoric Women’ 1967.

A publicity photo of Senta Berger in ‘When Women Had Tails.’

The trailer for the wacky Italian film ‘When Women Had Tails.’

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